Tuesday, September 13, 2005

maxi-zine mini review: 28 Pages Lovingly Bound With Twine

Thank the god/dess I decided when I started this blog only to review music, etc. that I enjoy. Life is too precious, etc to waste on negativity. On that note I introduce you all to a complete delight - Christoph Meyer's 28 Pages Lovingly Bound With Twine. Yes it is bound with twine! If there is a more likeable zine publisher / writer, I can't wait to meet them, because Christoph is so personable in his writing I often feel like he is writing to me, personally. Actually Christoph has written to me, real letters! Christoph does not have email and intends to never go the way of electronic correspondence.

From issue #6 "My writing is idiosyncratic and not aimed at a mass audience. 28PLBwT is merely an outlet for me to publish what I feel moved to write. I just write what I like, send it out into the world where maybe someone will find something in it they like." This zine is a handmade labor of love, a work of art, and a joy to discover. Send $4 cash for the latest issue (#13) to Christoph Meyer PO Box 106 Danville OH 43014. Now!

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