Thursday, July 28, 2005

1040 kHz

Prominent in my record collection is one of only 1,000 copies pressed of Greg Murray's debut 7" vinyl EP released via Elefant Records in Spain. I read about this record some time ago while browsing Tonevendor for new vinyl releases (if you have browsed this blog you probably realize I'm a vinyl junkie) and bought a copy based upon the description alone. Often my intuition pays off and this time was no exception! Greg Murray's songs embody everything I enjoy about indie music - deeply felt lyrics, inventive melodies, songs that keep playing in your head long after the first listening. The first song "Go Honey" is timeless, with a hint of psychedelia that might have been right at home on AM radio back in 1970 yet is completely original and engaging. "Edge" features folk-ish guitar, harmonica, and minimalist druming that weave together perfectly. All four songs on this EP illuminate and expand one's musical consciousness. Greg has recorded several other EPs (equally excellent) and a more recent full-length CD "Tymes Ten". For more information including free MP3s (thank you!) check out Greg's informative and comprehensive website at