Friday, July 01, 2005

800 kHz

Why I hope some people are reading this blog … and why I hope some people aren’t

It’s true. Writers don’t write just for themselves. They write to be read by others; even if it is one other person. This blog is a way of sharing some of my off-center interests with you … yes you! You in specific! If you’re reading this blog, then my hope is you have at least some interest in one of the following topics: indie music, free radio, pirate radio, community media, freedom and democracy, the earth we live upon, the moon and stars, art, cool ideas, and making the world a better place (however you define that) ...

However, if you’re not reading this blog, I’m even more pleased. The fact that you’re not connected to the internet is awesome. Yes, technology is wonderful in appropriate doses and usages. Yet neither technology nor information are going to save the human race. Only we can do that, by the grace of the gods and goddesses. It comforts me to no end to know that somewhere someone is listening to old 78’s on a record player … or tuned into a shortwave radio … or writing / sketching in a leather bound paper journal … or telling a story to children … or pulling weeds in the garden … or writing a real letter with textured paper and pen ... or publishing a handmade zine or chapbook … I don’t want the world to be totally technologized, owned by corporations, branded, etc. When we teach our children and grandchildren about the world, it should be about human experiences, ones we can touch and taste and smell, not about a world full of laptops and cell phones and tivo. So thank you, thank you for not reading this blog.