Sunday, October 16, 2005

1450 kHz - WKXL

This may be the first and only posting on this blog in praise of 1) a commercial radio station and 2) an AM commercial radio station! WKXL 1450 kHz in Concord NH is the shining exception to the insanity of the corporate owned commercial broadcast industry. Calling itself "Thoughtful Community Radio", WKXL has a signal radius of about 15 miles witha powerful and diverse schedule of community based and locally hosted programs. The program line-up includes health news, arts events, local politics, sports, and a range of shows that highlight everything from books to movies to the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Their local news department is the best in New Hampshire, probably in all of New England. And yes - they survive on local advertising revenue!

Here is WKXL's mission statement from their website:

Our mission is to make our community even better by:

  • Offering useful information that makes listeners’ lives more productive, wholesome entertainment that brightens each day, and spiritual programs that provide comfort and direction
  • Helping our advertising clients solve problems and sell their goods and services;
  • Helping worthy community organizations attract support for their charitable works;
  • Creating interesting and rewarding careers for our Team Members;
  • Earning a respectable return on investment;
  • Setting an example of excellence for our industry.In summary, our mission is to become the very best AM station in the country.

My jaw drops when I read those words. Commercial radio does not get any better than this. WKXL is providing an outstanding service to both advertisers and listeners in the community. Check out for online streaming, mp3s, and more information!

The Sixth Great Lake - Sunday Bridge

It's barely mid October & wintery rain, clouds and wind have enveloped New England in a melancholy grey for over a week. Perfect weather for listening to my personal favorite vinyl only release of 2005, Sunday Bridge by Vermont band The Sixth Great Lake.

These twelve songs highlight the storytelling / songwriting skills of Michael Barrett and the unhurried musical craft of The Sixth Great Lake. One easily becomes immersed in the dreamscapes of each of the twelve songs. Mellow, absorbing, and pressed on deep blue vinyl ... Sunday Bridge is a work of art on every level.

Listen to Sunday Bridge online at & check out the Sixth Great Lake's webpage at .. enjoy!